If you are conducting locates for missing persons for a friend or family member, with whom you have lost contact, CIS can help you find someone whether a crime has been committed or if the police have already attempted to solve the case. There are 119 people listed as missing in Rhode Island, dating back to the 1970s, according to a national database maintained by the FBI. The statistics are contained in the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, which shows there are 65 people younger than age 18 classified as missing in Rhode Island, and 54 adults. Whether the individual is missing, has changed names, is hiding, or has moved doesn't change the fact that we have numerous resources at our disposal, both private and public. We do this in a very professional and discreet manner and all results are confidential. Don't waste your money on online searches that only end up costing you hundreds of dollars and will only return old stale data. Attorneys and law firms often need help locating missing persons and we provide quick and effective results and convey them in a report that meets the needs of the legal industry. Skip tracing services and a paper trail left behind usually lead to a successful locate. The more information you are able to provide, the better the chances of locating the missing person. Call us today to discuss your needs.