The best defense is a good offense. Criminal defense and Civil defense attorneys are often faced with the daunting task of gathering and investigating excessive amounts of information and evidence in order to sift through it all to obtain evidence that is credible and relevant to a case. This is an inefficient method of building a strong case. Our investigators are highly trained and qualified in interview techniques, evidence gathering and review, as well as criminal and civil processes. We will review all documents and discovery, scrutinize every report, analyze all evidence and will uncover any flaws or weaknesses in your adversaries’ case. Our investigators are also experts at re-interviewing existing witnesses. We utilize every available database information system, along with canvassing areas in an attempt to discover any additional witnesses or evidence that may be crucial to your case. With our assistance, you can gain evidence that is thorough, efficiently and legally obtained, and ready for court. Utilize our litigation support and investigative services so that you are better prepared for your case.