Cellular Phone Forensics in Rhode Island

CIS can perform cellular phone forensics if an individual suspects their spouse of cheating. Data such as placed & received calls and phone call times, text messages, photos and other incriminating evidence can be retrieved from the spouse’s cell phone or mobile device. 

Companies and corporations should contact us to perform cell phone forensics if they suspect espionage by a competitor or a disgruntled employee.

Business owners who distribute cell phones to their executives and sales staff may contact us to perform cell phone forensics to determine if these devices are being inappropriately used for dissemination of company material, to view and/or download porn, or defying restricted Internet usage company policies. 

Parents should contact us if they suspect that their child is misusing the device or being harassed by someone contacting or photographing them without their consent. Cellular Phone Forensics in Providence. Cellular Phone Forensics in Warwick. This service can be performed on computers, tablets and mobile devices.